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Become a change leader for a sustainable food system

What Diet for a Green Planet teaches 
The program aims to provide a grounded understanding of the food system from farm to fork and how the food system is connected to climate change mitigation and eutrophication, support biodiversity, human health and rural development.

The course is divided in three parts and covers the five criteria of Diet for a Green Planet:

  1. Understanding sustainability in the food system  
  2. Interventions to support healthy and sustainable food
  3. Project development - managing transformations in the food systems

The five criteria are 1)Tasty and healthy 2) More organic 3) Less meat, more vegetables, whole grains and legumes 4) Local food in season 5) Less waste

A holistic and concrete hands on approach is used throughout the course.

Course content
* Practical understanding and application of Diet for a Green Planets tools.
* Local food in season - what does it mean in different parts of the world? 
* Traceability and transparency in the food system.
* Ways of promoting a diet that is as healthy for humans as it is for our eco system.
* Minimizing waste.
* Making a plan for the change of the food system you want to see in your region.
* Learn to stand firm in the complexity of the food system.

Who is it suitable for?

The course is recommended for people in the food system - from farm to fork. This includes farmers, teachers, food activists, researchers
social/Impact entrepreneurs, processing - artesan food producers, chefs, restaurants, caterers, public food, food distributors and sellers, 
environmental strategists, developers, planners, government personnel at local and national levels.
Anyone with a real interest in a sustainable transformation of the global food system should take it.

Why should you take the course?
It teaches transformative learning which enables profound changes which empowers you as a global change maker towards sustainability. The participants are from all parts of the world. Their perspectives as well as their local communities give unique insights into conditions of life, exploration and development of projects, ideas and co-creations. Expand your global network which is essential for future projects and exchange. .

Dates and interaction
Next course start is not yet decided. If you are interested - please write an e-mail to Hans.


For more info, contact:  
Hans von Essen

Course organizers

BERAS International and Legacy 17

The course certificate is quality controlled by BERAS International and Legacy17

Custom made courses


In Do you represent a local government, an Orga nic Disytrict, a school catering, a food system business or a public tender unit? We offer custom made Diet for a Green Planet courses to provide for your organisations or local food system needs. Contact to start a conversation.

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