Taking research to action for sustainable food systems

BERAS International is a foundation that works to create a regenerative way of working with public actors, business and civil society

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We offer strategic change processes, managerial guidance and process support. As well as expert advice and lectures in our areas of expertise.


Diet for a Green Planet. Become a change leader. Empower your organization to be part of the solution to the sustainable food system of the future, and switch up the work you are already doing.


We participate in EU-funded and other projects - as a partner or as an expert. Our present biggest project is the formation of Sweden's first Ecodistrict in Sörmland


We build local, national and international networks for a smoother transformation in the direction of ecological sustainability.


We are in constant development together with you who want to create a robust and sustainable food society. Feel free to contact us for an idea, wish or coffee.


Read about BERAS' foundations, history and who we are today.

A sustainable food system is achieved through organic circular farms, food according to Diet for a Green Planet and a sustainable food society - ecodistrict

Take part in BERAS International's way of thinking and our holistic view. A world in change requires in-depth study and solid knowledge.

Feel free to contact us with questions, information   or proposals for cooperation. 

Feel free to contact us with questions, information or proposals for cooperation.