BERAS international

Organic Regenerative Agriculture


Agriculture - i.e. the arable industries including aquaculture and forestry - is the only industry that can be fully regenerative. Other industries are more or less dependent on raw materials from elsewhere. Agriculture in general has become dependent and more consuming than supporting - but unnecessarily.
Food, fiber, building materials and really everything we need for life can be created in an ecosystem where the raw materials are air, water, sunlight and minerals that can be released from the ground itself. Properly managed, the land is maintained or improved while it is being farmed and annually yields a surplus. It is easy to show theoretically and with practical examples on a small scale that what can be produced in this way is enough to feed the world's population - even when it increases to a peak of 11-12 billion. If we can scale up the good examples that already exist.
How do we achieve that in practice?

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