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Diet for a green planet



Diet for a Green Planet works with 5 criteria that awaken your and your employees' creativity and desire to create. Therefore, the concept has proven to work all over the world.

Good and healthy food
To become popular and have an impact, the food must be well prepared and well composed. It must also comply with the nutritional recommendations.

Organic, preferably from circular farms
Circular farm means a farm with a balanced number of animals and land area, but since there is no labeling for circular farming, you have to focus on acknowledged organic labelling. If you can identify products from circular agriculture, that is a plus.

Less animal, more vegetables, legumes and whole grains
A rough guideline is about 10% meat/fish/eggs of the total raw materials and milk products corresponding to a maximum of 0.5 liters/person and day (which corresponds to 50 grams of cheese). The animals must have been raised under good conditions and the fish must come from sustainable fishing or sustainable farming. Legumes and other protein-rich seeds are good substitutes when using small amounts of animal products. Choose whole grain for grain-based products over refined ones, it provides higher satiety, higher nutritional value and less waste.

Locally produced in season
Primarily fresh ingredients from local, regional and national suppliers. Canned and frozen products, i.e. semi-processed products, may be needed as a supplement during the part of the year when the supply of local raw materials is small.

Reduced wastage
Minimize wastage both in production, processing, distribution, cooking and from the plate.

Stick to the overview, identify the points you need to work more on and which points in your organization's goals and guiding documents like Diet for a Green Planet help you reach, find the point where your inner drive and your organization's goals are one and the same.

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